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Classical psychoanalytic theory, Freud’s views on the basis of different, but history includes several assumptions or into each other’s perspectives. Each assumption represents an attempt for people to understand and explain the organization and function of the mental apparatus. Each one put forward to explain normal and neurotic thoughts and behavior, but constitute a separate integrity and concepts which are thought to actually complement each other, they find their meaning when taken together.
In this section, in order to understand the etiology of neurosis and psychopathology, developed at different periods by Freud and the psychoanalytic theory basis for the opinions it is discussed considering a certain integrity.
Topographic theory and the Unconscious
Two basic assumptions
 Psychoanalytic theory is based on two fundamental assumptions. The first of these, ‘psychological determinism is an assumption. According to this hypothesis, behavior, feelings, thoughts and actions including all mental events are not random, is made ​​as a result of previous events as causal. In other words, every mental event is another event which is determined by the premise itself. The second assumption is related to the location and the meaning of unconscious mental processes. Accordingly, mental processes are often and watch a great importance in the unconscious. There are complementary nature of the two assumptions. Considering that takes place entirely in the consciousness of the spiritual event, and we tried to explain the data on them is only consciousness, it is impossible to understand the mental processes.
 Unconscious Existence
Unconscious psychological processes is no way of being able to observe directly. Such processes evidence for the first time, obtained during use of hypnosis as a treatment method. After waking up from a person under hypnosis when asked to perform a certain action, it observed his desired when awakened. Meanwhile, it is done just as conscious action. Considerations related to the action, the effect of giving the order, all the memories of my hypnotic state is unconscious. The most important clue to the nature of unconscious material, which is the basic rule of psychoanalysis, the patient’s mind as it stated that it thought that was obtained with the use of the technique of free association.
In normal mental events are unconscious process of dream products can be seen at the open investigation. Psychoanalysis has shown that there are active behind every dream unconscious thoughts and desires.

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