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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorder

Sudden explosions and start showing style and panic attacks with a special kind of anxiety, particularly panic disorder, can occur in several psychiatric disorders. Panic attacks, panic disorder typically seen in a recurring feature shows and reveals an unexpected moment. Is accompanied by the fear of a new attack often spend the table.
The results of epidemiological studies in various countries showed that the prevalence of lifelong 1.52.5% of panic disorder. The lifetime prevalence of panic attacks, although it varies according to the diagnostic criteria, were between 7% and 9% in many countries.
Panic disorder patients may be admitted to the clinic also often related to other areas of expertise. Vestibular disorders in 15% of patients admitted, 16% of patients admitted to the cardiology clinic, panic disorder, 35% of those admitted to hospital with symptoms were reported to be suffering from hyperventilation.
Panic disorder is most commonly starts in the period between late adolescence and the 30s. I clinical sample, the average age of onset is around 25. Panic disorder, although smaller amounts can also start in childhood or over 40 years old. Depending on whether it varies with the age of onset of agoraphobia with panic disorder; panic disorder with agoraphobia more often in the early 20s, while panic disorder without agoraphobia has been reported that more often begins in the late 20s in age.
More commonly seen in women with panic disorder is a common finding in several epidemiological and clinical studies. The ratio of women to men is about 3/1. Especially in patients with panic disorder with agoraphobia, ratio of men to women is increasing in favor of women.


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